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Guest Boot #2 - Beau Wanzer


TRAX 0982 EXTRA presents audio pieces without a composer performed by inexistent ensembles that meet only through a network of reproduction technologies and communication media.

The contents of this concept album have been organized and mixed by Piermario Ciani aka Unit O1. The tracks were done by (mail) collaboration between various individuals (Units).

Trax (IT, 1981-1987) was an 80s label founded by Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon from Spirocheta Pergoli. It was an open networking project that connected over 500 artists and musicians from different countries, producing records, audiomagazines, xerographies, comics, t-shirts, and exhibitions.

The 0982 TRAXTRA Album features 10 audio compositions recorded at distance through crossed inter-ferences. The artists never met each other, they sent tapes to be mixed together. On the cover you can see the diagram of the relations between the units.